Your pool can give you, your family and guests many years of fun and relaxation. Take the responsibility for safety. Any recreational activity that involves water poses a risk of personal injury. Swimming in an in-ground pool is no exception.

Your awareness and understanding of pool safety practices and rules pertaining to the use of in-ground pools can reduce the risk of serious injury. Read the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals excellent brochure: "The Sensible Way To Enjoy Your In-ground Swimming Pool" to learn how to avoid swimming-related accidents.

  • Don't allow diving or jumping in your pool. Remember, alcohol consumption and swimming do not mix.
  • Carefully supervise all the swimmers in your pool - especially small children. They're your responsibility. Always secure your pool from unsupervised and unauthorized use.
  • Make sure signs, stickers, and labels are posted and clearly visible and that rescue devices, such as life rings or ropes, are nearby.

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Caution: The use of diving and sliding equipment can be hazardous. Distinctive Pools does not recommend the use of these appliances. If used, care should be exercised to use only equipment meeting the recommended safety codes established by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

Pools are designed and intended for private residential use only.